2D Animation

Engaging and meaningful 2D animation services to catch your customer’s attention

2D Animation helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors. A well made animation can spark an interest among your audience while achieving a great branding. 2D Animation is challenging as movement is created in a two-dimensional space.

Our team of experts are always up for that challenge to make a noticeable impact. At first, they take your idea and place it in a script. Later on, they transform that idea to a movable matter. Our animators skillfully design characters, objects, and backgrounds to move and make interactions.

Behind the movement there is a captivating story. This provides your customers with a memorable experience. At Animoox, we can deliver you on time a highly interactive 2D animation that can easily grab your customer’s attention.

Our Capabilities include

Model creation
Character designing
Frame designing
Motion graphics
Inking & coloring
Audio & visual syncing
Visual storytelling

Let’s work Together

At Animoox, we bring together our client’s opinions and our creativity to create effective and memorable animation.