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Animoox Studio, a design consultant, specializes in creating visually stunning illustrations tailored to client needs. With artistic expertise and a commitment to excellence, they transform ideas into compelling visual stories.


Research & Compliance

Research & Compliance consultants ensure businesses meet regulatory standards through strategic research and implementation of compliance measures.



Sketch consultants bring ideas to life through expressive drawings, providing a visual preview for creative projects with skillful strokes and quick, impactful illustrations.



Illustration is the art of visually communicating ideas through drawings, paintings, or digital mediums. Illustrators use their creative skills to bring concepts to life, making a visual impact in fields like publishing, advertising, and design.

Why Choose
Our Illustration

  • Creative & Quality

    We promise exceptional quality and creativity in all our illustrations, tailored for any purpose.

  • Layer Organized

    We are dedicated to meticulously organizing the layers of our illustrations to ensure optimal structure for our clients, facilitating seamless rework if necessary.

  • Pixel perfect

    Our commitment is to deliver pixel-perfect illustrations, ensuring precision and flawless detail in every design.

  • Web Interactive format

    We specialize in crafting engaging and user-friendly web interactive experiences that captivate audiences and enhance online interactions.

Integrate social proof at all your customers touchpoints

With Ghost you can connect any of your social media design and use our powerful design to make your project prefect.

Industry standard Illustration

Industry standard illustration adheres to widely accepted technical specifications and design principles, ensuring consistent, high-quality visual communication across diverse platforms. Professionals in this field uphold ethical and legal standards while leveraging proficiency in industry-standard software.