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Importance of an Interactive Website For Your Business Success

Published on December 22, 2023

In any business, the need for managing finance, coming up with brilliant strategies and making one sale after another are all important. But one component is far more important than the rest. That is building a relationship with your customers.

Back in the day, or more precisely, before COVID-19 struck, a great portion of us were all dedicatedly managing our brick-and-mortar stores. We’d interact with our customers and welcome them with open arms. We realized it was important that they make a purchase but it was more important they leave with a sweet memory. That ever-lasting impression of your store.

Just after 17th March 2020, we took the internet more seriously than ever. Most businesses that hadn’t had a digital presence, started having one. Visits to brick-and-mortar stores came to a complete stop only to resume again with little frequency. Nevertheless, it was now important of being prominent on the internet.

That said, a well-defined, an updated website helps to increase your businesses’ credibility and helps to reinforce the brand. But you don’t want to stay limited to just that, do you? You’d want to take it up a notch. Make the digital experience as exquisite as possible for your users. Remember, although, it’s necessary they make a purchase, it’s much necessary they leave with an impression.

In order to do this, you need to make your website as interactive as possible. Let your users have a good time. And there are a few other perks, which we have noted down below –

Creates a Positive Experience

It’s true that your website would have visitors, particularly for information. But an interactive website would be more than just information. It would make them feel empowered. Especially, when they’d feel that they are in charge while making one interaction after another. This makes them have a positive, happy experience. Through the interaction, you’d know them better too. And this creates an ever-lasting and loyal relationship.

Increases Conversions

Interactive websites can attract your users and make them more engaged with the features. This fosters trust and increases the chances of having them visit the website again. And this indicates that there is a great possibility that they will become future customers and recommend others to be the same.

Increases Dwell Time

When you make your website interactive, your users will spend more time on it. And the time spent on a website is called dwell time. When there are more interactive and relevant features on a website, it is likely that the dwell time will increase.

And this doesn’t go unnoticed by Google. When Google figures out that users are enthralled by your website and its content, it is quite possible that they’d rank it high for a particular keyword. If it doesn’t have any particular keyword, Google might even set them for it.

So, how do you make your website more interactive?

In case you’re wondering how to make your website more interactive then we’ve got you covered with a few solutions. As Animoox is an expert in animations, we’d suggest adding perfectly designed animations to enhance the user-friendliness of websites and apps.

2D Animations

Through 2D animation, you can turn your mind-boggling ideas into a script at first and then finally, a well-crafted 2D animation. As it is created in two-dimensional space, it is quite challenging to accomplish. But once you get it accomplished, it’s a wonderful feeling to see your ideas transform into a movable matter.

3D Animations

Take your animations up a notch and make them realistic to catch your user’s attention. The main pages of many websites integrate 3D animations to give a dynamic welcome to the user. 3D animation takes your website into a whole new level. A few animators also blend 2D with 3D objects to create a sophisticated user experience.

Soundless Background Video

A video can grab your user’s attention almost immediately. A soundless background video can draw your user in and drive them to understand your brand better. As a consequence, they spend more time on the website and thus, increase the dwell time.


Lottie is what can make your website picture-perfect. Being made up of code that describes moving vectors, lottie animations can be incorporated anywhere you like. It is liberal of any animation. They add a whole new light to your website.

Well, that’s all about it. In this digital age, it won’t do you much good if you just purchase a domain and use a template-based website. You need to find out interesting ways to make it catch your user’s attention. After all, the world is on the move, why should your website be deprived of any motion?