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Interactive Website & Apps For Any Occasion

Published on December 20, 2023

Essentially, a website is a medium of communication between businesses and their customers. Through interactive features and effective copywriting, websites speak on behalf of the businesses. And think about it this way, a website is a manager for your business. When there are seasonal offers, important notice, or information you want to convey, you’d want your manager to do that for you. Likewise, the communication of your website should be updated on every changing occasion to make it speak to your customers like a proper business manager.

But the competition is pretty intense out there. Nearly everyone is trying out something new to reach out to their customers and make them stick for a long time. If you’re not experimenting with your method of communication then there is a chance that your business will be soon diluted in the crowd.

So, how do you stand out in the crowd?

Perhaps, you already know the answer. We’ve been preaching about it in all of our previous blog posts. That is – Lottie animations.

As you may already know from our earlier blog-posts, Lottie animations are made of code that describes moving vectors. This implies that they can be incorporated anywhere you like without ruining their quality. Lottie animation is a savior to every motion designer. At Animoox, the dedication of our time is further reinforuced with the help of Lottie animations. They make all websites and apps picture-perfect,

The most practical reason your website might get watered down is that you choose to make it boring. See, don’t just keep a website for the sake of keeping a website. While it’s true that every business should have a website, it’s pretty pointless if you decide to keep it dormant like a showpiece in your living room.

Lottie animations can bring life to your website’s centerpiece, adding an interactive and engaging element. At Animoox, our mission is to inject excitement into every experience. While curiosity might have had its consequences for the cat, it keeps your visitors coming back for that thrilling engagement.

Animation For Every Occasion

Lottie animations can give a fresh outlook to your website on every occasion. Be it Eid, Christmas, Victory Day, or making your visitors aware of the COVID-19, Animoox believes in converting every message on any occasion in a highly interactive way. This also creates a dynamic impact on the UI and UX of the website. Users began to feel that the message is curated just for them. 

The reason Animoox strives to create fun and effective animations is because they evoke emotions like no other. The message can get implanted into the minds of your users. In case you’re wondering that this may not have any lasting effect, think about Google for a second. The animated Google Doodles surely lift the mood when they celebrate occasions of a myriad of countries.

The benefit of using lively animations for each occasion is that they do not only entertain your users but also keep them updated on any important occasion or message.

How To Add Lottie Animations To Make Your Websites and Apps Fun & Relevant?

After you created your animations using Adobe After Effects, you need to convert them into Lottie file animations. You can do this using the LottieFiles plugin. Then you upload your animations to LottieFiles and voila, you can easily incorporate them on your web and mobile.

In case you don’t know how to create animations or you want to skip the overall process, you can pick any Lottie animation you like from LottieFiles.

We have an entire blog post explaining how to add animations on your web page in 3 simple steps. You can check it out to understand the simple tips and tricks to make your website interesting. 

The crowd is ever-increasing. It’s imperative you make your business stand out in the most effective way. Surely, your business have a lot to say but the noises are muffling its voice. With the help of Lottie animations, you can make your business speak for itself with the most refined and highly dynamic voice at any time of the year.