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Make Conversations Fun Again By Creating Animated Telegram Stickers from Lottie Animations!

Published on December 29, 2023

Communication is the essence of today’s generation. Messages get delivered to the other end with the click of a button. These days, all the postmen sit in the corner while the pigeons fly aimlessly. 

One such communication tool is Telegram, or in other words, another postman or a letter-delivering pigeon. It offers a super-fast messaging service and users, particularly the members of an organization can communicate in real-time to have their queries answered and confusions cleared. 

To enhance the interaction, users are also able to send pictures, audio, video, and animated stickers as well. Telegram is highly reliable since not a huge amount of data is lost as chatting only eats up a minimal byte of data. It’s a completely different scenario if you’re uploading or downloading bigger. Also, the background setting and sounds let you personalize the app in your own preferable way.

Animated Telegram stickers might be a bit bulky. But not when the animation is Lottie animation. In case you don’t know, Lottie animations are light-weighted, don’t take up much size, and greatly reduces the loading time. This goes on to explain that with Lottie animation, communication isn’t just greatly improved in terms of content but also, the speed is multiplied to make conversations spontaneous. 

To help you create your animated telegram sticker, we’ve done our end of research from the ever wonderful LottieFiles. We hope this will come in handy as it had been to us. Since Telegram is already popular as a communication tool, it’d only make things interesting with the addition of animated stickers.

Without any further ramble, let’s get going!

Requirements for Creating a Telegram Sticker

Before you start off, you’d need 512 x 512 pixels sized Lottie animation. That’s the convenient size to create your Telegram Sticker. It can’t be more, it can’t be less. Exactly 512 x 512 pixels. We’ve italicized it to remind you again.

And mind you, your animation cannot be longer than 3 seconds. Every movement it makes need to be made within a time frame of 3 seconds. In case you fail to have the right-sized Lottie animation and extend the time frame, you will be then prompted under the “Telegram Sticker Export (TGS)” section on the Lottie Editor.

1st Step: Opening your Animation in the Lottie Editor

To kick-off, open your animation, which could be either public or private. To open the animation on the LottieFiles Editor click “Edit Animation”. Though, you still have the option to follow the usual drag and drop method in order to upload a brand new animation that you can later create as a Telegram Sticker. You can apply the method here,

2nd Step: Editing Animation Size and Time Frame (If Need Be)

As mentioned earlier, it’s required that the size of your animation is 512 x 512 pixels (oh, look, we have italicized it again) and the time frame needs to be of 3 seconds. But in case, in case, you’ve totally ignored the double-italization and our multiple reminders, and the Lottie Editor buzzes that your animation doesn’t meet the requirements, then that’s completely alright. Lottie Editor lets you make the changes to the parameters if need be, meaning, if you’ve purposely ignored our reminders.

3rd Step: Download the Animation in .TGS Format

3rd step is pretty easy. All you need to do is download the animation in .TGS format. In order to do this, you need to go to the panel on the right of the Lottie Editor. Upon getting there, you’ll easily find the option to download in .TGS format.

Step 4: Open Telegram and start a conversation with the Sticker Bot

This part is where you have a little chit-chat with the Sticker bot. Search for “Stickers” and begin your conversation by typing  /newanimated. It must be noted that a few commands would be required to get the animated stickers online. The Sticker bot will provide a comprehensive guideline, follow it to continue.

Nearly everything needs an identity. So does your Telegram sticker pack. Give it a name and afterward, drag and drop the .TGS file you have downloaded in the super-easy 3rd step.

Now, time to add some fun. Choose an emoji that goes perfectly with your animation. And if you feel like having a multitude of animations, just repeat the drag-and-drop process. Just when you have an ample amount of animations in your pack, either type or publish, give your pack a cool name, and bam, you’re good to go to have a lively conversation with your peers!