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One Plugin To Rule Them All

Published on December 14, 2023

In any profession or anything we do in life, time is an essential resource. Animators and motion designers aren’t excluded from these criteria. They never had been, although, the tools that were available then made them lose quite a bit of their valuable time.

In order to help them retrieve their lost time, LottieFiles for Adobe Effects is designed with the purpose of providing an efficient animation workflow.

Through this plugin, you can do most-things-Lottie within After Effects and not anywhere else.

One plugin to rule them all and here the benefits that bind them –

1. The Opportunity to Instant Preview

After export, animators need to ensure that everything they planned is in check. LottieFiles for After Effects allows you to preview your Lottie animation, check whether everything is in the way you want it to be, and what’s great is that you can do all this by staying in After Effects.

In case there are changes to make to your animation, all you got to do is click on refresh, and the LottieFiles for After Effects will update the current state of your animation and play it for you.

2. Previewing Becomes Easy Even On Mobile Phones

As a lot more apps start using animations to enhance their UI/UX, the need to incorporate features to support mobile implementation was incredibly obvious. So we got busy tinkering away and made sure that in just a single click, your Lottie animation could pop up and play on your mobile devices.

In the year 2020, yes, the bewildering year that changed our lives, statistics was that the number of mobile users globally was 6.95 billion, and it is predicted to increase to 7.1 billion by this year.

So, quite naturally, developers and designers combined are endeavoring to enhance the mobile experience. One of the integral ways they do this is by incorporating animations to further reinforce the UI/UX. It was, therefore, necessary to have Lottie animation pop up almost instantaneously and play on mobile devices.

Now, you can easily preview your animation on both Android and iOS along with tablets with just a simple click on the LottieFiles app.

3. Make Life Easier By Exporting Animation as a Lottie File

By exporting your animation as a Lottie, you’re going to make animation implementation a breeze. And if at this point you don’t know what a Lottie is, well then you’re in for a real treat!

You may already know about Lottie, since, we’re blabbering about it since the start of this blog. But you can’t really blame us, after all, Lottie is that amazing!

A Lottie file is a JSON-based animation file format that can be incorporated literally anywhere without the worry of getting the quality of the animation ruined. Lottie file is scalable at run-time and is independent of any resolution. It is also light-weighted and minimal-sized, making it convenient for the animator’s use.

With all the benefits considered, it’s a life-saving opportunity that LottieFiles for Adobe Effects enables you to export an animation as a Lottie file.

4. Optimize Your Animation On The Go

The LottieFiles for Adobe Effects allows you to optimize your animation on the go. 

To help you effectively determine the playback performance, your animations include a render graph. Through this render graph, you can visualize individual frame render times during the creation and testing phase. This enables you to make informed adjustments before shipping your animation project.

5. Test your Animation Against Various Background Colors

As a designer, you may feel the urgency to check your motion design against various sets of colors. After all, it’s all about exploration and the attention to detail to make things nearly perfect. LottieFiles for Adobe Effects takes this minor yet significant detail into account so that you can set the right color background for your animation to do its tricks.

6. All Your Animations Stacked In One Place

While these days digital work can found scattered among multiple platforms, in multiple folders, and on multiple devices, in some cases a sense of organization can seem futile. Everyday life can be messy enough, so you shouldn’t have to have any hassle when it comes to looking for all your animations.

The next great benefit of LottieFiles for Adobe Effects is that it’s organized. It puts all your animations in one place. Be it the ones you tried or tested or the plugin itself, you can access all of them from within After Effects.

7. Browse Free LottieFiles Animations

LottieFiles for Adobe Effects is stacked with a bunch of wonderful Lottie animations to help you decorate your website or app. The animations come in various forms suitable for your use. So, if you’re planning to intricately design your website or app or simply apply a generic touch, LottieFiles for Adobe Effects got you covered. And to put the cherry on top, the Lottie animations are free.

8. Directly Upload Your Animation to LottieFiles From the Plugin

LottieFiles for Adobe Effects even lets you upload your animation directly!

After you create your animation, render it on the LottieFiles for After Effects plugin, and later on, click “Upload”, and then, finally, a button with a globe icon will appear, which you need to click on immediately.

Clicking on that final button will open up your animation in the browser you are using. Afterward, you can click “Publish to public” in order to exhibit your cool animation for everyone to see and pass their compliments and feedback, which are equally necessary for your growth as an animator. 

So, start using the plugin, adapt an efficient workflow, and make good use of your time.